Survival Preparation Merchant Accounts

March 16, 2023 | Merchants | Dustin

Before thoughts of modern pandemics became commonplace, survival preparation was gaining traction. Doomsday activities range from emergency ration storage and novel weapon collection to forming entire underground bunkers. And within these fortified isolationist alcoves, a dense concentration of survival commerce thrives.

Survival Prep Merchant Accounts

As an ecommerce industry, survival prep merchants maintain the appropriate title of “high risk”. Not only are they anticipating risky worldly conditions, but their payment processing needs are also hedged for calculated conditions. The most regulated types of gear in this vertical is weaponry, firearms and defensive equipment.

Weapons Merchants Seeking Payment ProcessingWeapons Merchants

Survival prep defense items take on many categories and are dependent on state regulations. For sellers and merchants, the sale of their goods may change based on location. This creates an interesting landscape for survival payment processing standards that banks have to meet. For example, in Florida it is illegal to own ballistic knives, however, balisong knives (aka butterfly knives) are allowed. Laws against the sale and trade of firearms change federally and by states as well. This is why firearms merchant accounts can be hard to come by.

Some hobbyists are interested in less complex instruments than firearms or tasers. Weapons from medieval times are interesting to wield and display, although impractical for forms of modern combat. Survival weapons can range from anything from knives, swords, nunchucks. A common theme for day-to-day survivalists is to carry them on their person. This concept is known as Every Day Carry or EDC. EDC items include many forms of tactical protection along with utility based tools such as flashlights, medkits, or pocket knives.

MREs and Food Storage

Buying MRE OnlineIf anyone is hunkering down in tough conditions, food consumption will be an important part of planning. Likewise, banks and ISOs have to preserve their appetites when it comes to processing food storage merchant accounts. When offering payment processing to food companies online, whether their payment model is subscription based or the singular sale of packaged goods, it’s important that FDA regulations are followed. One type of easy to manage food is a meal ready to eat. MREs have been historically used by the military to provide portable long lasting food supplies to troops when needed. They are filled with essential and arguably good-tasting nutrients which help sustain soldiers in times of need.

It’s important to use salt or other preservatives for long term storage. These foods therefore have a longer shelf life and can be sold and shipped easily making them an ideal food for ecommerce vendors in the survival vertical. For those not interested in MREs, dry goods and canned foods make for easy storage and predictable meal rationing.

PPE Online Stores

N95 FacemaskPersonal protective equipment or PPE is essential for online stores focusing on the medical side of survival shopping. Payment Processing for PPE is usually fairly straightforward. Banks’ most notable standard is to make sure any health claims regarding the equipment being sold are certified by the appropriate agency who determines and tests their efficacy.

Whether customers are worried about toxic gas, or viral outbreaks, breathing equipment will always be a hot item in this genre. From N95 disposable face masks to ventilators with dual filtration systems, air filtration is not just a theme for survivors. Beyond basic particle masks, items like rebreathers and oxygen fed personal ventilation systems are top level in terms of maintaining quality air for your survival mission. Some of these items are also popular in adult merchant stores as well.

Fast Approval For Survival Merchant Accounts

Survival preparation is sure to be a common theme in the years to come. As more stores produce novel and useful products to help supply the masses in hard times, payment processing and online survival merchant accounts will be in high demand. Companies like PayKings are here to help online weapons, equipment, and food storage companies find payment processing solutions in their time of need.

March 16, 2023 | Merchants | Dustin

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