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Credit Education & Repair Merchant Account

Credit Education & Repair services are vital to the public especially in these times of economic volatility.  From recent college graduates with mounds of student debt, to individuals dealing with bankruptcy or foreclosure, more than 68 million people in the United States have low or bad credit. You have the solutions your customers need but keep getting declined by the banks and the most popular payment processors due to the high risk of chargebacks typical with credit education and repair businesses.  

Whether your credit education and repair business is operated through an eCommerce platform or a brick and mortar establishment, you need to secure a high risk merchant account to accept and process debit and credit card transactions for your services. When the major banks and payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, or Square decline, PayKings work on your behalf to get your high risk credit education and repair merchant account approved.

Here’s a Common Scenario

You are doing the public a valuable service by helping them reduce their debt and rebound their low or bad credit scores so they may live comfortable lives and provide for their families. You have designed a sleek website or remodeled a storefront and have got your branding on point.   You are ready to get the ball rolling to start making profits and set up a merchant account to accept debit and credit card payments for your much-needed services.

You are preliminarily approved to accept debit and credit card payments and get your credit education and repair merchant account initially through one of the popular payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, or Square, and you start seeing a steady stream of revenue rolling in. Everything is good to go right? That’s until the chargebacks start. Once customers start cancelling their orders or are not able to pay their invoices, they call the number on the back of their credit cards and demand a refunds.

You wake up the next day and can’t access the funds collected in your credit education and repair merchant account. What has happened is the acquiring bank has completed their underwriting process has deemed your merchant account as high risk. Don’t panic though, there are payment processors, like we here at PayKings, that will work on your behalf to negotiate the best rates to secure your business with a high risk recurring billing merchant account.

How Does Being High Risk Affect Your Chances of Getting a Coins and Collectables Merchant Account?

The two most important factors for businesses with a high risk merchant accounts status are underwriting and penalties.

If your business is placed in the high risk class, for example with the credit education and repair business, you are most likely going to have a much harder underwriting process. You will be required to come up with tax returns, corporate filing paperwork, and several months (sometimes up to a year) of bank statements and processing background.

You can also anticipate greater than normal, and almost unnecessarily excessive fees. This includes but is not limited to higher fees per transaction, higher fees for monthly statements, and a bigger than normal cash reserve to be sure the bank that they are insured in the occurrence of potential chargebacks and or refunds. Additionally, remember that the above only applies if a financial institution decides to approve you… that many will not, and it can be incredibly tough to discover a reliable processing partner.

You don’t have to go through the run around of applying with several banks only to get declined — PayKings makes getting approved for your credit education and repair merchant account simple. Just complete our quick and effortless form to get started by clicking here.

Why Does this Matter and How Can PayKings Help with your Credit Education and Repair Merchant Account?

Excessive chargebacks can lead to a credit education and repair merchant account to be completely shut down with an aggregate payment processor like Paypal, Stripe, or Square. Another common point of conflict that occurs when a merchant operates through an aggregate payment processor is that the”approval process” in many cases isn’t actually an endorsement at all. What occurs is that the merchant account is approved on a contingent basis, then much later, the backend underwriting process starts (many times after the first request of a customer chargeback) and your organization is labeled as high risk merchant — that leads to your account being suspended until further notice or you are dropped from their stage entirely with no notice.

PayKings, pioneers in the business of electronic payment processing, especially for high risk merchants who should require a high risk recurring billing merchant account, is the way round all of the hassle and stress that come with fretting about being lost by an aggregate payment processor. When you begin with the ideal payment processing company, and one that does their particular in-house underwriting such as PayKings does, you are setting your company up for success right from the get-go.

Be sure to discuss the intricacies of your business needs in regards to the types of services you offer. Make sure everything you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently is covered during the underwriting process when applying to your credit education and repair merchant account.

Shop your options around and locate a qualified and trustworthy payment processing firm, such as PayKings, who have first hand experience with credit education and repair merchant accounts. Make sure to ask all of the questions that you want to deal with your concerns, things like: Can you approve my particular credit education and repair company type? How much experience do you have working with companies who need credit education & repair merchant accounts? What are the fees like?

Once you feel satisfied with your answers, take the five minutes needed to fill out an application for a free quote — and get not just the payment processing you require, but the peace of mind you deserve.

Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the special needs of different credit education and repair related companies and has created 24+ acquiring banking connections to become experts in getting credit education and repair merchant accounts set up and accepting online payments.

Looking for a Credit Education & Repair Merchant Account?

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