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Does your adult payment processor turn you off? We have the banking relationships you need to grow your adult business and accept credit card payments online. From novelties and toys to adult books and magazines, we have many solutions for the adult industry.

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Looking for Adult Merchant Account Solutions?

When it comes to being your go-to adult merchant account provider, PayKings offers comprehensive and financially sustainable solutions for all businesses in the industry. This includes dating sites, adult toys and novelties, adult bookstores, magazines, adult ebooks, strip clubs, adult content websites and memberships. PayKings is the preferred adult merchant account provider in the adult industry.

We understand the unique needs of the varying types of adult businesses. Because of this, we can help you get your retail or Ecommerce adult merchant account approved quickly. Your business will be set up for long-term success by accepting debit and credit cards.

The Adult Entertainment Businesses

Many of our clients come to us because they’ve quickly realized that it can be a challenge to find a reliable and reputable adult merchant account for their adult entertainment business. However, with a merchant account for the adult entertainment industry from PayKings, you can qualify for an account with one of our domestic or international acquiring banking partners at a competitive rate. Whatever form of entertainment your adult merchant business may offer, PayKings likely has a solution for you.

Adult Toys Merchant Account

The adult toy industry in the United States and globally has been consistently thriving. Therefore, the demand for body safe and high-quality sex toy products continually increases. The market for adult toys is projected to reach over $52 billion USD by 2026, which provides unbelievable potential for companies in the adult industry.

More and more of these sex toy companies are tapping into the growing adult market by moving their adult business online. Because of the inherent stigma regarding sex toys and adult related products, banks classify these businesses as high risk. So manufacturers that are racing to expand their customer base through ecommerce sites need a trusted and sustainable high risk payment processor such as PayKings.

Was Payment Processing For Your Adult Merchant Account Shut Down?

Adult Merchant AccountSo you’re seeking an adult merchant account and need payment processing. Let’s say, for example, that you own an adult bookstore. The banks will automatically categorize you as high risk because being associated with funding a business in the adult entertainment industry is a reputational risk. In this scenario, you own an adult bookstore but you did not take the proper route to ensure you had the right high risk processing account for your business.

So, what happens next?

Well, because you didn’t avoid the chances of your merchant account for the adult entertainment industry being shut down, that’s exactly what has happened. The bank closes your merchant account and holds your funds without any notice. This means you now have no way of selling your products or services. You are now unable to accept credit card and debit card payments.

All cash flow immediately stops. What’s worse is that the money from the products or services you sold are also being held by the banks for the next few months. The only way to avoid this scenario is to choose the right payment processing company for your high risk merchant account, right from the start.

Learn more about high risk merchant accounts today in order to save your high risk business in the future.

Adult Payment Processing

Adult Payment ProcessingWhen seeking an ideal payment processor for your adult merchant account for an industry that includes online dating, strip clubs, adult book stores, novelties, toys, and websites that require memberships for pornography, it can be a tedious process to successfully accept debit and credit cards. In some industries, such as those who need adult merchant accounts, it is difficult to just walk into a local bank and get a loan. There are many regulations and a process to follow first.

Adult Payment Gateway

To connect through the right adult payment gateway, you’ll need to find a bank that accepts online credit card processing. The first obstacle to overcome is to find a sponsor bank allowed to serve the adult entertainment industry in their underwriting guidelines. Many of the larger institutions like Wells Fargo and Chase do not allow this type of underwriting for adult merchant accounts.

What does this mean for the success of your adult merchant account? The only real option you have, if you want to accept debit and credit cards, is to work with a reputable high risk payment processor, like PayKings. We can set you up to begin processing payments in as little as 3 business days. At PayKings we like to keep things as simple as possible for you. Here’s what you can expect and how we can help your adult entertainment business accepting credit cards:

  • Fill out an online application
  • Submit the proper documentation
  • Let our expert underwriting team go to work for you to get you approved
  • Start accepting payments and making money

How Does Being High Risk Affect Your Chances of Getting an Adult Merchant Account?

When your business falls into the category of high risk merchant, you must to find an established payment processing company that offers high risk merchant accounts. This is because the mainstream payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and the like, do not allow payment processing for high risk businesses like those in the adult merchant account industry.

Because the above-listed payment processors do not do their underwriting at the time of application, it is likely that your merchant account will initially be accepted at the time of applying. However, once the company you’ve applied with, (let’s use PayPal as an example) reviews the application, they will quickly inform you that they do not accept adult merchant accounts. This can take anywhere from one to six months! They will immediately shut down your account, kick you off their server, and freeze your account completely. As a result, zero credit card payments will be processed until you resolve the issue with a trusted high risk merchant account provider.

How can you avoid this? Skip the hassle. Dodge the potentially business ruining chances of having your accounts and funds frozen. Apply with a proven high risk merchant payment processor like PayKings.

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Why PayKings?

PayKings is sensitive to the unique needs of the different adult related businesses and adult merchant accounts. By fully understanding the industry, we have established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting adult merchant accounts to accept online payments. We want your business to prosper and succeed for the long term - luckily, we have the means and the know-how to make that happen.

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