Looking for processing love in all the wrong places for your Dating Merchant Account?

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Looking for a Dating Merchant Account?

If you’re looking for payment processing love in all the wrong places, your search is finally over. PayKings will pair your online dating merchant account with the most compatible payment processing relationship for you and your business. We’re experts in the industry of payment processing and are here to reassure you that just because your online dating merchant account is one that is considered high risk, doesn’t necessarily mean that online dating merchants shouldn’t be afforded the same opportunities for success as other businesses who might be deemed as low risk.
Dating Payment Gateway

There are several types of online dating merchant accounts, from the unique niche-based business models to membership and subscription billing, PayKings can provide a payment processing solution for your company. We’re here to offer an array of services for your online dating merchant account for the following business types:

  • Adult Dating Websites
  • Dating Websites for Seniors
  • Dating Sites in Geographic Locations
  • Race and Culture-Specific Dating Websites
  • Religious Dating Websites
  • LGBTQ Dating Websites

Looking for a Dating Payment Gateway?

As your customer process payment, they’ll be using a dating payment gateway. This tool exchanges information from your website to different accounts. If everything runs smoothly, the process occurs in the background. However, one unfortunate situation that occurs with online payments is the occasional chargeback.

Chargebacks are quite common when it comes to online dating merchant accounts and this can happen for a number of reasons, but regardless of why, these chargebacks will categorize your business as high risk – which just means that your online dating company will be looking for high risk merchant accounts. The biggest complaint from customers who file chargebacks against an online dating merchant account is due to the member not finding what they initially signed up for and issue a “failure to deliver” chargeback.

You may also incur chargeback fees in the case that a married person finds their partner on a dating site, and when confronted about their involvement on the site, the member typically files false charges and denies any authorization of the membership fees.

Why is Dating Payment Processing Considered High Risk?

Dating Payment Processing

There are a few core reasons why online dating processing is high risk. The first one is due to incurring an excessive number of chargebacks from members or clients who decide to subscribe to your service and end up not finding their “perfect match” in a short amount of time, which leads them to call their credit card company to file a chargeback claiming that you didn’t deliver the services that were promised.

Another big issue that underwriters for online dating merchant accounts sometimes come across is that the company’s website is actually just a front for another (typically illegal) business like an escort or prostitution service. This can easily be avoided if the underwriters at the bank or payment processing company thoroughly vet the website affiliated with the online dating merchant account before approving their application.

Why Does this Matter for your Online Dating Merchant Account?

In an industry that yielded over $415 million dollars in 2017, there is clearly money to be made with your online dating business, and PayKings are here to help you reach your full potential with secure and reliable payment processing for your online dating merchant account. However, if your merchant account is frozen or terminated altogether, due to being dropped for being a high risk merchant, you won’t be making the kind of money your business has the potential to make.

Credit Card Processing for Dating ServicesWhen your business falls into the category of high risk merchant, the only real option you have for payment processing is to find a company that offers high risk merchant accounts. Aggregate payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, and Square do not allow payment processing for high risk businesses similar to those who are in the online dating industry.

Because payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, and Square do not do their underwriting at the time of application, it is likely that your online dating merchant account will initially be accepted at the time of applying – but, once the company thoroughly reviews the application, they will quickly inform you that they do not accept online dating merchant accounts and will immediately shut down your account, kick you off their server, and freeze your account – meaning that ZERO credit card payments will be processed.

Why PayKings?

Paykings makes payment processing a seamless experience. When you work with true experts in the field, everything runs so much smoother. We specialize in working with high risk merchants, like your business, and we have multiple acquiring banking partners that offer Online Dating Merchant Accounts.

You’ll find everything you need in one place with PayKings. Think of us as your one-stop-shop for all your payment processing needs. Stop waiting. Contact us today and find your perfect match in as little as 5 days.

Looking for processing love in all the wrong places for your Dating Merchant Account?

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