Credit Card Processing

What is Credit Card Processing?

Reliable eCommerce credit card processing is a way for merchants and retailers to accept payment for goods, services, or merchandise in exchange for debit or credit card payments. If you’re selling your goods online, make sure you find a reliable eCommerce credit card processor who will cater to your specific business model without overcharging you in processing fees.

Why is Credit Card Processing so Important?

get mobile credit card processing solutions Short answer: more people than ever are using credit cards as a form of payment processing.

By 2025, the millennial generation (those born between 1981 and 2005) will make up over 75% of the workforce. Why does this matter? Well, they’re currently earning more money, which means that they’re spending more as well. How millennials invest their money and the ways they pay for products and services are hugely important – and as it turns out, mobile credit card processing is the newly preferred form of credit card processing.

It’s vital for the longevity of your business that companies like yours are able to accept credit card payments which is the kind of payment processing that millennials prefer to utilize. It is typically not writing checks or carrying around large sums of cash, for the most part, the preferred payment method is credit card processing.

Eighty percent of millennials have a minimum of one credit card, and 27 percent of millennials have said that more than half of the disposable income is spent using credit card processing. That is a great deal of payment processing, as well as many missed sales and chances for your business to capitalize if you do not accept credit card payments as a form of payment processing.

Credit Card Payment Processing Options

an ecommerce credit card processor for mobile payments

Everyone likes to have choices. Your business’s ability to accept credit card payments provides customers with the ability to choose the way they want to pay. Being given the option to pick their preferred method of payment processing can boost customer loyalty. In this way you have not only given your customer the ability to choose, you have given them an easier way to pay (especially for consumers that prefer mobile credit card processing) – which is an option that is secure and cost-effective for them. All these factors conjure up brand loyalty.

A customer who can not pay with their preferred payment processing method, whether that be by debit or credit card processing, in person or via mobile credit card processing, a customer is more likely to stop buying with you if they don’t have the freedom to choose their preferred payment processing method – especially if your competitors are making it that much easier for them to shop elsewhere.

Credit card processing is a crucial part of succeeding in 2019 (and in the years moving forward) for any business, and the rise of the millennial generation has a heavy hand in that. Because millennials prefer those who accept credit card payments, particularly when they have cards that give them cash back, this propels the growth of credit card processing, online shopping, and mobile credit card processing. The ease of online shopping has prompted many individuals to get at least a minimum of one credit card – which just having it ensures that they use it often.

Credit Card Processing FAQ:

How Can an eCommerce Credit Card Processor Help Improve My Business?
If you own a business in one of the many industries that are labeled by acquiring banks as “high risk,” the popular electronic payment platforms may decline your online merchant account and freeze sales debit and credit card sales collected. A solution would be to seek experts who can provide eCommerce merchant services, like we do at PayKings. PayKings can put you in touch with the right eCommerce credit card processor from the start, so you are never without online payment processing solutions.

Certain industries are thought to be high-risk. Firms in this class typically have very high discount rates and big security reserves. A retailer is usually classified as high-risk if the business has a greater chance of fraud and chargebacks. These types of businesses need a high risk internet merchant account and eCommerce credit card processor.
What’s Most Important when Seeking Out Credit Card Processing?
Credit card processing providers tend to offer similar services, therefore it’s often like comparing apples to apples when deciding between one over another. If you’re a business owner and plan to accept credit card payments, whether it’s in-person or online, you’ll need a credit card processing provider that can satisfy your company’s unique merchant needs.

Although you will need to pay some costs and ongoing fees, the ability to accept credit card payments, along with cash, increases your day-to-day earnings considerably and boosts the overall gains of your business.

When it comes to credit card processing, it’s no wonder that PayKings are the industry leaders in the eCommerce credit card processing provider game. We’ve done the work to set you up with complex solutions and helpful tips for quickly getting you on the road to payment processing so you can accept credit card payments online.
How do I Get Reliable Payment Processing?
One important aspect of getting approved for reliable payment processing is to be completely upfront with the credit card processing company. If not, your merchant account will likely be closed without notice and your company and revenue flow are going to be disrupted. If you are honest and utilize a reliable payment processing company from the start, it will benefit you in the long-term.

If you have had a merchant account before, give your previous payment processing history when applying for a new merchant account. Even if you have been denied service or dropped from an aggregate previously, you can still find a payment processing with a company that’ll work with you and your specific needs.

We talk to each and every retailer to get a clearer idea of their business needs and which payment processing solutions would best suit their needs. PayKings is extremely transparent about its process and its pricing and can offer payment processing solutions to merchants at the lowest rates in as little as six hours.
Will I Still Be Able To Get Reliable Payment Processing with Poor Merchants Credit?
When you know where to look, getting reliable payment processing solutions—even if you have poor merchants credit—is possible. When you seek out high risk merchant processing solutions, like what we specialize here at PayKings, you can find a merchant account and payment gateway that will process sales for your business.

The mainstream eCommerce credit card processors like PayPal, Stipe, or Square typically won’t accept merchant with a poor credit score. At PayKings, we know no one’s perfect, but we believe all businesses should have the tools for success at their fingertips no matter their struggles in the past. So, if you have bad merchants credit, don’t fret. We have your back at PayKings.
Why is it Important to Accept Credit Card Payments?
It is important for your business to accept credit card payments primarily because we now live in a highly digital, online for everything, technologically advanced world – one in which whatever consumers want are as close to being purchased as a click on their smartphones. For this reason alone, it’s mind-boggling that there are still some companies that do not accept credit card payments as a purchasing method.

Additionally, it is estimated that by 2019, that online shoppers will likely be spending a whopping $39 billion, and businesses will need to accept credit card payments if they want into this market. If your company is unable to accept credit card payments, then you are missing out on a huge slice of the revenue pie, which allows for your competition to gobble up your portion.

In the end, being able to accept credit card payments will help to expand your customer base, especially to those who are more likely to purchase online, which will only keep your customer base growing as consumers learn that they can trust your business for their shopping needs.
Do I need Mobile Credit Card Processing?
The short answer is yes, you definitely need mobile credit card processing. Everyone likes to have choices, and your business’s ability to accept credit card payments, from the comfort on their own homes via mobile, provides customers with the ability to choose the way they want to pay from wherever they might be.

Being given the option to pick their preferred method of credit card processing from the convenience of their mobile phones (via mobile credit card processing) can boost customer loyalty.

A customer who can not pay with their preferred way of payment, especially if mobile credit card processing is not an option for them, a customer is more likely to stop buying with you if they don’t have the freedom of credit card processing from their mobile phones – what’s more, if your competitors are making it that much easier for them to shop elsewhere, they absolutely will.
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Let Our Experts Guide You To The Right Credit Card Processing

With PayKings credit card processing you will be able to accept credit card payments from your website with our seamless integrations. Our solutions help business owners take their business to the next level.

Our Payment Processing Merchant Accounts and Plans Feature:

  • Support for all shopping carts (see list)
  • Multiple option payment gateways
  • Free PayKings payment plugin modules
  • Chargeback alerts and management
  • Robust reporting and Fraud-scrubbing
Our affordable merchant services and online credit card processing seamlessly integrates with your mobile payment processing platform to give customers a smooth and secure online buying experience. Launch your shop with the right credit card processing and avoid getting your merchant account frozen. PayKings has been at the forefront of the payment processing industry, helping web-based businesses achieve their sales goals with an emphasis on competitive discount rates, transaction security, and white-glove customer service.
We understand the unique payment processing requirements of an Internet-based business, as 90% of our clients rely on online credit card processing and mobile credit card processing.

Recent Reviews

Technology is rapidly changing how people buy and how sellers sell. If you are a high risk merchant, I cannot say enough about what PayKings can bring to your business. They are truly the experts when it comes to payment processing for high risk merchants. They are rapidly growing and taking over this market space. That is clearly due to their subject matter expertise, their well trained and knowledgeable staff, their cutting edge innovation and their desire to stay well ahead of the curve as things continue to evolve. So, bottom line, if you are a high risk merchant in need of payment processing services do not hesitate to check out PayKings. You will not be sorry. I HIGHLY recommend them.
Ann Niewold
Ann Niewold
16:52 09 May 18
I have worked closely with PayKings for 5 years. I have been so satisfied, both with opening new accounts and maintenance with older accounts. I have always found them to be organized, expedient, and honest. To say that many companies in this space are difficult to work with is a severe understatement (most are completely unreliable)... PayKings has proven again and again to be experts in the space who have a true goal in mind of helping their clients achieve their goals. They are professionals with experience. Their expertise was earned through hard work in a very difficult industry.
Mary-Frances Mullins
Mary-Frances Mullins
17:09 20 Mar 18
Are you considered a "high risk merchant"? If so, I absolutely recommend using PayKings for your business needs. They are the leading company in high risk payment processing, with a highly skilled and professional team behind them. You won't regret it.
Stefani Daidone
Stefani Daidone
16:33 09 May 18
If you need a payment processor for your business that's considered a "high risk merchant" then these guys know what they're doing. It's easy and painless to get set up - and then you can get back to running your business without having to worry about your payment processing.
Ryan Trattles
Ryan Trattles
14:30 09 May 18
PayKings are by far the best high risk merchant account payment processors in the game. Professional, highly efficient, skilled at what they do, and knowledgable in everything high risk merchant related. I would recommend them to anyone I know who needs payment processing.
Jessyka Lee
Jessyka Lee
13:48 09 May 18
I have been working with PayKings for about 3 years now. I am completely satisfied and refer this company to anyone looking for a merchant. Their attention to detail, guidance and understanding is above all other merchants I have worked with.
Monse DaSilva
Monse DaSilva
19:24 20 Mar 18
"The Paykings team has been fantastic and helping set us up with merchant accounts, transitioning us from one gateway to another, and implementing recurring billing with account updater. I would highly recommend them to any Mid to Enterprise level company looking for white glove service for merchant processing."
Jeanette Loeb
Jeanette Loeb
13:38 12 Apr 18
Kristin Ward Kyle Hall Paul Krueger I just want too say if you need a payment processor too please consider PayKings! They have the Best customer Service and the people above was excellent in walking me through the process!!!
Lashone Caldwell
Lashone Caldwell
18:39 11 Oct 18
My payment processing was dropped after I had some issues with chargebacks for my web design business. Luckily for me the absolute professionals at PayKings were able to get me set up with a high risk merchant account and I was accepting payments again within 6 hours of calling. Thanks to PayKings my business is booming and I no longer have to worry about losing my merchant account. Thank you PayKings for saving my business.
Emily at Paykings will get the job done! Great customer service
shawn covinton
shawn covinton
19:44 25 Mar 19
PayKings represents HOPE for good businesses who want to accept payment by credit card online. If you've had difficulty finding credit card processing services, TRY PAYKINGS. Excellent service, great communication, moved me forward.
A Google User
A Google User
15:45 01 Apr 19
PayKings represents HOPE for good businesses who want to accept payment by credit card online. If you've had difficulty finding credit card processing services, TRY PAYKINGS. Excellent service, great communication, moved me forward.
I don't usually leave reviews but the support and service was unbelievablethanks Dan.
AppBuilder Pro
AppBuilder Pro
21:02 02 May 19
Their business developers and processing team worked with us every step of the way to ensure we would get the best merchant solutions.
Bethanny Alpino
Bethanny Alpino
14:46 23 May 19
This company is the best! They walked me through the entire process. It doesn't get easier.
Jon-Karl Klietsch
Jon-Karl Klietsch
01:27 29 May 19
Great company! I love helping merchants find High Risk eCommerce Merchant Processing with PayKings. PayKings helps merchants succeed through great solutions that help their businesses grow. I really enjoy my job!
Jon-Karl Klietsch
Jon-Karl Klietsch
02:49 30 Jul 19
Great place to work. Tons of opportunity for growth. Really making a difference in helping merchants secure merchant accounts. Very rewarding business to work for.
Kyle Hall
Kyle Hall
17:33 29 Jul 19
Fantastic company to work with for merchant processing. I recommend them to all of our ecommerce clients.
Jon Tsourakis
Jon Tsourakis
15:18 27 Sep 19

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