What is NMI?

NMI, or Network Merchants, Inc. is a globally renowned payment gateway partner. They offer cutting edge gateway services to high risk merchants. Established in the United States, NMI leads provides premier gateway solutions. They are industry leaders, operating for over seven years and counting.

NMI has unrivaled expertise with over 900 million facilitated transactions. This history of success is why merchants trust NMI gateways for their high risk payment processing needs. The gateway support offers high risk merchants peace of mind knowing that their payments are safe and easily accessible.

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What is the NMI Payment Gateway?

NMI Gateway SupportThe NMI payment gateway is an e-commerce tool used to accept or decline payments. Just like a payment processor, the NMI payment gateway facilitates the transaction between a high risk merchant, the customer, and credit card companies or banks involved. The NMI payment gateway goes one step further than a traditional payment processor. Additionally, it accepts or declines payments in real time. This is ideal for e-commerce, also known as card-not-present transactions. Even without a card present, the NMI payment gateway determines if a sale is acceptable or should be declined instantly. NMI provides you with the virtual terminal necessary to receive payments wherever they may be.

NMI’s solutions break through many of the confines in e-commerce. The NMI payment gateway presents merchants with a new market through mobile payment processing. High risk merchants can attend trade shows and process payments anywhere in the world in a safe and secure way. Though cards are often present in mobile transactions, the NMI payment gateway can approve or deny them instantly. Now, you have the freedom to go wherever your business takes you! You can now accept foreign currencies in your payment gateway to further expand your market. NMI integrations can be added anytime to simplify the experience.

NMI Gateway Partner

NMI actively ensures that merchants have access to the latest technology in payment processing. Moreover, Apple Pay works through the NMI payment gateway. Apple Pay can be seamlessly integrated into gateways that live on iOS apps. With a variety of APIs and SDKs to choose from, your high risk payment gateway can be seamlessly integrated into any mobile application. This even counts for pre-existing applications. They provide complete customization giving merchants the capability to personalize any feature of their in-app gateway at any moment.

NMI Secure Processing

NMI Gateway PartnerNMI secures user data through fraud prevention and data storage so high risk merchant accounts are worry-free. They have hundreds of integrations to choose from. NMI grants users the opportunity to completely customize their payment gateway for numerous platforms. These include mobile, browser, or in-app use. This personalized approach meets a wide spectrum of high risk merchants’ needs. NMI continues to develop and streamline their services, making it easy and safe for merchants to optimize their payment gateway through an interactive control panel.

NMI Payment Gateway for Merchants

NMI payment gateways make it easy for merchants to obtain payments from customers using safe and secure payment processing methods. With the NMI payment gateway, you are able to protect your business and better manage it. Sensitive consumer data is securely encrypted and transferred seamlessly by the gateway. Recurring payment data is stored safely in the NMI payment vault which is integrated into the NMI gateway.

NMI Features

NMI gateway safety features can stop fraudulent charges before they occur by denying them immediately. Providing each merchant with streamlined access to a control panel, NMI gives you the power to manage payments from virtually anywhere. High risk merchants can better manage and grow their business through generated reports found within the NMI virtual control center. Additionally, they are accessible only to merchants with a virtual gateway login. Moreover, merchants gain exclusive access to NMI’s team of gateway support experts to help assist you with your gateway. From technical support to customizing your gateway, NMI is ready to walk you through the process.

High risk NMI payment gateways have over two hundred different shopping carts and processor integrations to choose from. Streamline your user experience with a shopping cart feature that suits your business’s clientele. Discover processor integrations that allow you to accept various currencies or check for licenses before accepting and approving payment. With integrations, your high risk payment gateway runs more efficiently and can further protect you from unexpected risks.

NMI Payment Gateways

How Can NMI Benefit High Risk Merchants?

Merchants in the high risk industry understand the challenges of securing reliable payment processing for many high risk industries. However, the search is over with NMI payment gateway. For high risk merchants, the NMI gateway works tirelessly, providing you the assurance of knowing your payments process accurately.

With built-in fraud detection, the NMI gateway declines fraudulent activity before it becomes a burden. Only with the high risk NMI payment gateway do you get immediate approval or denial of e-commerce orders as quickly as they flow in. Additionally, stay up to date on commerce regulation for your high risk industry with NMI’s payment card industry standards regulations integration. Specific integrations keep your merchant account safe and ensure safety for successful high risk sales.

Payment Gateway Support

A high risk payment gateway offers you protections a traditional gateway cannot. NMI’s high risk gateway understands your industry and the risks accompanying it. More importantly, they willingly opt to take that risk head on. Traditional gateways and processors do not have the background or the expertise required of successful high risk processing. Large banks and the federal government regulate high risk industries making transactions complex for all parties involved. Traditional processors cannot make the necessary checks for high risk sales such as Federal Firearms Licenses and age requirements for vape and CBD sales.

NMI’s high risk gateway support team can expertly develop the payment gateway your business needs. NMI gateways have a high risk merchant in mind, exceeding their specialized needs. Connecting your merchant account will ensure regulatory compliance. Secure from shutting down like a traditional processor, your NMI gateway processes payments without interruption. As a business owner, you can rest assured knowing your NMI high risk payment payment processing has you protected.If you would like to learn more about the industries that qualify merchants as “high risk,” click here for PayKing’s full list of defined high risk merchants.

NMI Merchant Services PayKings

PayKings Merchant Services

PayKings is a proud partner of Network Merchant, Inc. services. If you are a high risk merchant looking for payment gateway solutions, PayKings can establish the perfect NMI gateway that can be tailored to fit your high risk needs. Created especially with high risk merchants in mind, NMI has hundreds of accredited processor connections ready and willing to work with your industry.

PayKings’ partnership with NMI payment gateways seeks to establish the lowest possible rates for high risk merchants without compromising on the security of your data. PayKing’s knows how difficult it can be to establish reliable high risk payment processing for a reasonable price. With the NMI payment gateway, you have the highest quality solution for your needs at an affordable rate. With 100% customization, the NMI high risk payment gateway is the pinnacle of quality and reliability.

NMI Gateway Merchant Account

Additionally, PayKings will guide you through the steps to optimize your high risk NMI payment gateway. With hundreds of processor integrations to choose from, PayKings will help you produce the right solution for your merchant account. Our team of experts is waiting to establish your NMI gateway built to keep your business safe and running smoothly. With PayKing’s fast approval process, your high risk merchant account can begin accepting payments through your NMI interactive gateway in as little as 48 hours.

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