FlexPay is an enhanced payment gateway service powered by artificial intelligence. Their goal is to improve high risk merchants’ chargeback rates. With numerous years of online merchant experience, FlexPay sought out to solve the problem of chargebacks in eCommerce. FlexPay has poured its chargeback expertise into its enhanced payment gateway. The enhanced payment gateway software is capable of recovering 30-50% of false declined transactions online. Their in-depth merchant account management optimizes each FlexPay account created. With hundreds of proven bank relations, FlexPay can pair your enhanced payment gateway with the bank that best fits your high risk industry. FlexPay keeps merchants’ customers happy as well as engaged in eCommerce.

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How Does FlexPay Decline Salvage Work?

Just like a traditional payment gateway, FlexPay facilitates and approves online transactions. However, it’s advanced properties allows the gateway to perform one step above the rest. Using artificial intelligence, FlexPay can learn consumer habits and trends. The processor’s advanced understanding of the payment process can save false declined transactions. Customers accidentally use expired credit cards or input the wrong billing zip code all the time. Often, these mistakes turn into declined transactions. FlexPay knows it’s not fraud, just an accident. Rather than losing out on the business, FlexPay decline salvage will notify the customer that the payment was not approved. The decline salvage notification allows customers to go back into the checkout and input their payment information correctly. FlexPay will let them know what needs to be updated so that it doesn’t happen again. The decline salvage feature allows you to keep customer retention as well as satisfaction high. 

FlexPay is easy to integrate into existing websites and eCommerce mobile apps. Using a FlexPay compatible CRM software, set up can take as little as a few hours! If your CRM is not fit for quick integration, their team of dedicated software engineers is happy to do it for merchants. FlexPay does not have a visual impact on your eCommerce site. Living between a merchant’s CRM software and your existing payment processor, FlexPay is hardly detectable. Each FlexPay account comes with a dedicated relationship manager. Our relationship managers are happy to walk merchants through integration as well as how to navigate the FlexPay portal. The best apart about FlexPay is that it doesn’t cost anything upfront for merchants. The decline salvage feature generates extra revenue for your business. However, merchants only pay a percentage of the regained sale from FlexPay. 


How Can FlexPay Decline Salvage Benefit Online Merchants?

Ecommerce transactions are known as card-not-present transactions. Card-not-present transactions typically have higher decline rates. About 60% of all declines generally are false declines. A false decline means there is just an error in the billing information provided by the customer. False declines are high in subscription service eCommerce. A common situation that happens in subscription billing is for a card to get declined due to expiration. So, instead of the merchant canceling the membership, FlexPay can regain the customer. The decline salvage feature sends an email or other notification that the card must be updated. FlexPay uses real people to solve false declines if manual assistance is further needed. The FlexPay decline salvage feature retains business for the merchant while keeping the customer satisfied.

With countless benefits, FlexPay helps merchants limit their number of chargebacks every day. FlexPay allows customers the opportunity to resubmit their payment information rather than denying them. This helps to improve overall approval ratings. Fewer chargebacks and more approved transactions lead to lower transaction fees for merchants. FlexPay helps merchants make their eCommerce business less of a risk. Websites with FlexPay show an increase in customer retention with results that merchants can see. 

As veterans of the industry, FlexPay understands what chargebacks can cost a merchant’s eCommerce business. Seeking to fix the problem at its root, FlexPay developed the decline salvage feature. This feature works hard to regain false declined sales. The decline salvage feature is integrated into the payment gateway and transfers any regained profits directly to a high risk merchant account.


FlexPay & PayKings

PayKings is a proud partner of FlexPay enhanced payment gateways. We understand that the last thing a high-risk merchant wants is to see sales slip away. Keep your hard-earned eCommerce sales through FlexPay’s decline salvage feature. PayKings is a trusted third-party agent that can help merchants integrate FlexPay features into already existing CRM. No matter what the scale is of a merchant’s business is, FlexPay can handle any volume of transactions. 

Get started today by establishing a high risk merchant account through PayKings. PayKings can have your merchant account open in as little as 48 hours with proper documentation. PayKings can help you integrate a FlexPay high risk payment gateway once the high risk merchant account is established. Our team of experts is waiting to help you minimize chargebacks and increase your customer retention. Whether you specialize in subscription accounts or high risk products, PayKings can aid in the optimization of your FlexPay processor.

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