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Chargeback Hero is a patented fully automated chargeback management solution specializing in helping online businesses with high risk merchant accounts prevent chargebacks, mitigate risk, minimize loss, and recover lost revenue.

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Chargeback Hero has automated software for high risk merchants that was designed specifically to handle the tasks of chargeback management in its entirety while providing a suite of analytics to help you identify ways to keep your MID’s alive and profitable.

When it comes to providing a full spectrum of services, PayKings can provide you with a high risk merchant account for your payment processing needs in partnership with Chargeback Hero – this company collaboration will cover all the bases that a business owner in an industry that requires a high risk merchant account and “Chargeback Hero” protection in an effort to both process payments online at the lowest possible rates for high risk merchants while keeping your chargeback ratio low for the longevity and financial success of your high risk merchant account.

Chargebacks were originally set in place to protect the consumer. So when it comes to chargeback claims for business owners with high risk merchant accounts, the merchant is always considered guilty until proven innocent. Therefore, the ability to analyze transaction data and respond to chargeback dispute claims quickly is imperative to increasing your chargeback win rate.

Stay protected from fraudulent chargeback claims and maintain your ability to process online payments with a high risk merchant account at PayKings.

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