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July 5, 2023

Looking for A Hemp Flower or Pre-roll Merchant Account?

Vape Merchant Account

If you’re looking for a high risk merchant account in Vape, Pre-rolls, or Flowers, you’re in luck. These products are now approved by certain payment processing companies and partner banks. Only days ago merchants interested in getting an account for these types of products were turned down, but now the gates are open. We’ve detailed the updated product list below so you can start selling with a merchant account solution that has your back.

CBD Vape Merchant Accounts

Traditionally, it was hard to find CBD vape merchant accounts, but now there is a solution. This will open up new opportunities to vendors seeking high risk merchant accounts in this industry. Selling vape online is now open for business. To get vape approved you will still be required to get contaminant testing. This test ensures the vape products are pure and were tested for pesticides, heavy metals etc.

CBD Pre-Rolls Merchant Accounts

CBD Sales Online

Pre-rolls – Once pre-approved, the requirements are the same as CBD. Pre-Rolls have been operating in the industry for a long time, but have struggled to get their payment accounts to process. Most companies like PayPal, Google Pay, or Stripe stay away from the brand association. But times have changed. If you have pre-rolls in the CBD Industry, be sure to get in touch with PayKings.

The only stipulation is that banks will review your URL to make sure the name is something they will approve. Once they take a look at your business’ website, and process basic documents, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Hemp Flower Merchant Accounts

Flowers – The blossoming pieces of the hemp plant which are used for isolating CBD. Flowers come in many forms and colors, but most importantly, they are now approved to sell. Enjoy cultivating your next botanical bounty. These flowers are sure to get a lot of traction in the industry.

Just like with pre-rolls, banks will want to check out your URL first to make sure it’s reasonable. Afterward, you will be ready to take on the budding market of selling hemp flowers online. With so many different varieties and strands, the possibilities are constantly growing.

July 5, 2023 | Merchants | Dustin