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Mail Order & Telephone Order

Direct-marketing response merchants typically struggle to find a stable and long term solutions to accept and process credit cards via a VT (virtual Terminal).

  • MO/TO merchants face this challenge due to the high chargebacks incurred, card not present (CNP) method of acceptance, and high volume of processing on a riskier model.
  • Due to PayKings experience in this industry, we can customize an integrated, seamless, and efficient Virtual Terminal solution for call-center based merchants.
  • PayKings can offer services for direct response merchants of all sizes and categories, marketing with traditional media campaigns, Television, Infomercial, Print Advertising and Internet Marketing.

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Traditional Marketing Options we Assist With:

  • Novelty Items
  • Electronic Products
  • Nutraceutical & Health Products (natural and herbal supplements)
  • “As Seen on TV” Products
  • Direct Marketing & Direct Response
  • Subscription, Recurring & Continuity Models
  • Inbound Telemarketing

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