Secure Credit Card Processing

March 15, 2023

Secure Credit Card Processing

Secure credit card processing means following the standards referred to as PCI compliant. These regulations help merchants keep online information secure for their customers.

A secure payments page offers a lot of important features to your online store.

  • Increases purchasing trust
  • Improves the customer shopping experience
  • Reduces cart abandonment
  • Decreases fraud
  • Legitimizes your online store

In the world of online purchasing, there are some risks when it comes to verifying and validating the identity of someone using a credit card. Unlike paying in person, a business can’t verify that the person using the card is who they claim to be. But beyond basic fraud, consumer protection is paramount when it comes to securing credit card payments online.

How to get Secure Payment Processing

What Makes It Secure?

The new innovations and security protocols for debit and credit card transactions are evolving faster than ever. To start, your website should have an SSL which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a general certification that protects information entered on a website.

If your website doesn’t have one, your checkout page should. In some cases, your payment gateway reroutes payments to an outside page that has the SSL certificate you need.

When it comes to consumers giving their hard-earned money to a business, having secure credit card processing is crucial. A business must do everything it can to ensure its customer’s payments get processed securely.

How To Get Secure Credit Card Processing

There are several ways a merchant can accept credit cards. In addition to the different methods of credit card processing, there are many payment processors to choose from. Each of these credit card processors has various technology and security protocols.

Some high risk merchant account providers adhere to extremely strict guidelines, when it comes to the security of their payment gateway. On the other hand, other payment processors do the bare minimum in order to officially be compliant. However, there are more ways a payment processing company can be proactive when it comes to ensuring secure credit card processing.

Secure Merchant Accounts

Make sure your business gets a secure merchant account. Start by researching the variety of payment processors available. For starters, you first need to determine if you are considered a high risk merchant or if you are a business in a standard, lower-risk industry.

Secure Payment Systems

Secure Payment Processing

As a business, keeping a payment system secure should be a high priority. Concurrently, if a company is not careful by keeping credit card processing safe and secure, it could mean losing the business.

Some negative outcomes from not having a secure credit card payment system include:

  • If you do not follow compliance, the payment processor might shut your merchant account down.
  • You may reveal customer information and credit card details
  • Possibility of losing current customers
  • Higher risk of not gaining the consumer’s trust
  • Increased chance of fraud and chargebacks

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

Being PCI compliant is an extremely important factor for merchants that process payments online. “PCI” stands for Payment Card Industry and represents a vital mandate by credit card companies. Moreover, it creates a basic rulebook to keep online payments secure.

There have been requirements set for compliance by the PCI Standards Council. In Addition, these standards are called the PCI DSS, which stands for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. As a result, these guidelines are the best practice when it comes to online credit card processing security.

Online Credit Card Processing

In addition to compliance and regulations, merchants need to choose a payment processor that is reliable and trustworthy. Online credit card processing is an essential part of most businesses these days. Because of this, it is imperative that merchants make sure payments are not only processed, but processed securely.

Luckily, PayKings makes it easy to find secure credit card payment solutions. Call the secure payment processing experts today at (727) 300-0277.

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