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Recurring Billing

Set Date, Bill and Bill Again. We make it easy for your merchants to bill their customers regularly with our Recurring Billing service. All they have to do is establish a recurring billing schedule and the gateway handles the rest.

  • PayKings recurring billing gives you the flexibility to customize the intervals when your customers are charged.
  • Account Updater – With Account Updater, you’ll minimize lost sales and declines when your customers’ credit card information changes or expires. Card details are automatically refreshed, ensuring a seamless experience for both your business and your customers.
  • Customizable pricing tiers and schedule that works for your business, whether it’s weekly, monthly, semi-annually, or any other schedule you choose.
  • Whether you offer a membership or subscription, PayKings recurring billing optimizes your checkout experience and grows customer retention.

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Our Merchant Accounts are Compatible With:

  • All popular shopping carts
  • All major online payment gateways
  • Banks that offer special programs for online merchants
  • All Internet hosting companies
  • All types of products and categories, except those that are prohibited by law or by Visa and MasterCard rules

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