PayKings Now Offering Canadian MMJ Merchant Account Solutions

May 3, 2019 | High Risk Merchant Account | PayKings

Great news for medical marijuana merchants in Canada: you can now get approved for a high risk medical marijuana merchant account with PayKings! That’s right, if you’re looking to process credit card transactions through your eCommerce or brick and mortar medical marijuana business, there is a solution for you. However, there are a view caveats (and a few perks) about our Canadian MMJ merchant account solution. Let’s explore.

Particulars of the PayKings Canadian Medical Marijuana Solution

Medical Marijuana Merchant Account Solutions for Canada

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Canada is one of the few nations around the world to fully legalize the sale and consumption of marijuana, both for medical and recreational use. But since Canada basically stands alone in this distinction (for now at least), there are strict rules Canadian MMJ merchants must stick to in order to get approved for our high risk medical marijuana solution. Here is a short list of the requirements for our MMJ solution:

  • Merchant must be a business based in Canada ONLY
  • The signer of the medical marijuana merchant account MUST be a Canadian citizen
  • Transactions must be based in Canada ONLY. The merchant must not accept payments from the US or any other nation around the world
  • Merchant must be licensed and registered under the Canadian Cannabis Act requirement

PayKings can ONLY approve MMJ merchants for our Canadian medical marijuana solutions that meet the above requirements. However, there are some unique perks that we extend to our Canadian MMJ merchants exclusively. Here are the perks:

  • If you process under $50K in monthly volume, you are still eligible
  • We will accept companies with short histories—even up to start-ups—as long as you have strong financials and bank statements to support the volume you request
PayKings has the Canadian MMJ Solution for You

MMJ Credit Card Processing Solutions

So, if your licensed and registered Canadian merchant, PayKings can help you handle your medical marijuana credit card processing. Whether it be flower, edibles, oils, capsules, or more, we have you covered, our dear neighbors to the north. If you are a Canadian medical marijuana merchant and you wish to start accepting medical marijuana credit card payments, fill out a merchant application today.

May 3, 2019 | High Risk Merchant Account | PayKings