You don't have to choose between the convenience of SaaS and the flexibility of self-hosted platforms – if you choose to go with X-Cart. X-Cart is a global eCommerce company that is focused on delivering a unique experience for your unique project.

Scalability, flexibility, and affordability are the three main pillars around which X-Cart has always been designed. Whether it's the X-Cart platform that you use or you've got a totally custom built website – you can always count on top-notch experience with the X-Cart crew.

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About X-Cart

With a 20-year-old history of being the first downloadable PHP/MySQL shopping cart platform in the world, X-Cart has stayed in the frontiers of eCommerce ever since. 

It is now much more than the shopping cart software it used to be 20 years ago. We provide experience and handle the rest: from installing and setting up your store to customizing UX and UI to deep-dive analytics to monitoring the servers 24/7.

OOP, MVC, Bootstrap, API – the modern technologies X‑Cart uses allows us to create high-performing, beautiful, and convenient online stores. But first of all, it’s people who create the great product. Talented, enthusiastic, persistent, and open-minded professionals: developers, designers, support and sales guys – and X‑Cart believes that so much more can be done together!

X-Cart Features

If your project requires some very specific features that your eCommerce platform just isn’t able to provide, you have to either meet them halfway or sacrifice the uniqueness, right? Not with X-Cart! 

For greater flexibility, X-Cart easily integrates with hundreds of third-party systems and services. Here is the list of just some of the most popular. This list is by no means exhaustive and is growing by day. 

  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Ri360, Mode Analytics
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Square, Auth.Net
  • Accounting: QuickBooks, Unify
  • Shipping: UPS, USPS., FedEx, DHL
  • Marketing: Mailchimp, Salesforce, Optimizely
  • A/B Testing: Optimizely, Evergage, VWO
  • CRMs: HubSpot, Salesforce, Freshsales
  • Customer Success: Intercom, Gainsight, Preact
  • Heatmaps and Recordings: Crazy Egg, Inspectlet, FullStory
  • Helpdesks: Zendesk, HelpScout, Elevio
  • Live chats: UserLike, Olark, Zopim
  • Personalization: Appcues, Chameleon, WebEngage
  • Real-Time Dashboards: Countly, GoSquared, Chartbeat
  • Referrals Tracking: SaaSquatch, Talkable
  • Surveys: SatisMeter, Promoter, Qualaroo
  • Attribution: Convertro, Branch
  • So many more!

Scalable Products

We would love for you to grow! So why would we limit you in any way? 

Whether you’re starting with your first eCommerce website or looking for a more capable platform to replace your old one, X-Cart will scale along with your business and be a perfect fit every step of the way. More than that, X-Cart leaves space to grow into, whatever the size your business is now! 

No matter which direction you choose to grow, X-Cart’s got everything necessary at hand. 

If you grow in depth occupying a certain niche in the market or in width conquering omnichannel sales or in length expanding overseas – or all ways at once, we got your back covered, ready to trim the solution to meet your specific needs. 

For that purpose, we have streamlined the upgrade process so adding features and capabilities is as easy as activating a new license key. 

Saving on Solutions

Unlike many a solution, X-Cart is extremely affordable. 

While every other eCommerce provider – even the “free” ones – aim to win the race of charging as much as they can throwing unnecessary costly features and integrations into the package, X-Cart never had any intention of going the same path. Instead, X-Cart wins at providing the necessary features for their honest price. 

Starting with the fully capable Free edition to the custom quoted powerful enterprise solution, we can fit in any budget. ANY. 

The proprietary license fee means you get full ownership of your own instance of X-Cart without having to pay monthly or annually just for using it. The paid packages start with as little as $495 for a license. No hidden fees or monthly charges. Punkt. 

We have no commercial interest in your revenue, either. Our zero transaction fees guarantee that. We’re interested in your growth just because we are nice people – and it’s nice to be nice. 

We offer to test out any X-Cart edition for 30 days for free – no credit card required. That’s how sure we are you’ll love what you see! 

Partnership with PayKings

Being a proud partner, X-Cart is seamlessly integrated with the PayKings payment gateway connector to allow accepting payments on checkout, without being redirected to the payment processor’s page. 

When it comes to providing a full spectrum of services, PayKings can provide you with a high risk merchant account for your payment processing needs in partnership with X-Cart. 

This company collaboration will cover all the bases that a business owner in an industry that requires a high risk merchant account and X-Cart’s services will need – in a joint effort to both process credit card payments at the lowest possible rates for high risk merchants while providing you with solutions for the longevity and financial success of your high risk merchant account.


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