Vindicia, an Amdocs company, provides comprehensive solutions for consumer-facing subscription businesses. Their SaaS-based subscription management platform supports the entire subscription business lifecycle, from customer acquisition and billing , to retention and growth.

Customer retention is critical when it comes to subscription billing. The payment model is founded on the premise that over time more customers will sign up. Subscription intelligence to make more informed decisions every step of the way. You gain competitive advantage with data-driven insights and the freedom to pursue opportunities to increase revenue and customer lifetime value.

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How Vindicia Works

They provide two main recurring billing services. Vindicia Subscribe (formerly CashBox) and Vindicia Retain (formerly Select). Vindicia Subscribe drives higher revenue throughout the subscription lifecycle. Vindicia Retain focuses its revenue-building power on retention by resolving failed transactions.

The History of Vindicia

With over 15 years serving the world’s top B2C brands, they have processed 940+ million transactions worth more than $38 billion. Behind all those transactions is data. They use that data to build insights—and algorithms—that make running a subscription business smoother. Clients gain a view into what happened and why with their revenue, so they can make better pricing, promotion, and retention decisions

Vindicia Subscribe Packaged Solutions

Vindicia Subscribe (formerly CashBox) is the SaaS billing platform for subscription business success. Vindicia Subscribe supports a wide range of subscription management solutions, offering comprehensive capabilities to support almost any recurring revenue business model.

Get to know the Vindicia Subscribe feature set. When you integrate with Vindicia Subscribe, you can easily manage your product catalog, automate tax compliance, fight fraud, and build subscription revenue. Most importantly, you keep customers connected to your services as you support an exceptional customer billing experience.

Learn how you can run your business with Vindicia Subscribe. You can manage your product catalog, customers, subscriptions, promotions using the Vindicia Subscribe portal

Solutions for Developers

Find the APIs and other implementation resources you need to get started with Vindicia Subscribe. The Vindicia team has developed more than a hundred APIs to help you integrate Vindicia Subscribe with your environment seamlessly. Common use cases and best practices will guide and support you as you take advantage of agile subscription and recurring billing.

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