PinnacleCart was developed by a pair of childhood friends, Craig and Mike. At different times in their life, they had both tried their hands with online business ideas.

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Unfortunately, they both found the eCommerce software they tested to be lacking major features that are necessary for success. Ideas for online businesses would always sneak back into their conversations and the guys finally came to the same conclusion – that they needed to build a better eCommerce solution.

PinnacleCart is a turnkey solution that has become the top eCommerce platform for small-to-medium businesses, and while PinnacleCart continues to be a friendly office of bright minds, it has now grown to employ a priceless group of highly-skilled, experienced employees and consultants. PinnacleCart’s ongoing mission is to help you break away from from the office cubicle and gain the freedom to sell from anywhere, anytime.

PinnacleCart believes in managing online businesses from beaches, cafes, and off-the-beaten path destinations and hopes to pass that freedom on to you. PinnacleCart wants to help you grow your business in a cost-effective manner. PinnacleCart gives you complete control, so your business can look and function in a way that reflects your needs and preferences. PinnacleCart feels customer service should be a badge of honor and allow customers to reach them 24/7. PinnacleCart wants to help you succeed and your independence is PinnacleCart’s #1 goal.

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