Microbilt is a consumer credit reporting agency that provides today's businesses with robust data and nimble products they need to grow and scale. With solutions developed to meet the stringent standards regarding consumer data quality, Microbilt provides the assistance businesses need to be compliant with federal regulations while protecting the trust and confidence consumers place in them. With API data delivered to a company's software and applications, a company can perform a range of tasks from background screening and loan origination to fraud detection, identity confirmation and more.

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What is Microbilt?

Microbilt is an industry leader in the alternative credit data space and has been for more than 40 years. Understanding that successful companies need to be able to access accurate and timely information so they can make decisions that further their goals, Microbilt provides access cutting-edge tools that offer businesses risk verification and instant bank verification solutions. As a pioneer in the rapidly-growing alternative credit data space, Microbilt has continuously refined and leveraged its products to deliver exceptional value, quality, accuracy and security to its clients.

Security Solutions for Today’s Challenges That Adapt to Tomorrow’s Changes

Over the course of its 40-year history, Microbilt has been at the forefront of assisting businesses as they assess and manage risks. Understanding that security is always a concern, Microbilt’s products and data meet the most stringent standards so consumers are protected and federal regulations are adhered to. In order to be successful in today’s highly-competitive business environment, companies need access to timely information that fuels smart decisions.

Much of Microbilt’s focus over its history has been the investment of best-in-class data. This has been fueled by the development of sophisticated, cutting-edge systems that keep data accurate and fresh. Predictive models provide powerful solutions that businesses use to assist them in making smart decisions regarding collections, lending, risk management and leasing.

Helping SMB Process Data

Microbilt understands that small- and medium-sized businesses typically don’t have the resources that larger companies have. Previously, they’ve been unable to access big data as a result. The products Microbilt offers were developed to be the right size to meet the unique needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.

Working with Microbilt provides businesses with the ability to customize the solutions that work best for their needs and goals while still staying within their budget. Presenting these products through a single portal that’s easy to access and understand means a company doesn’t have to devote a lot of valuable time and resources in order to access them.

The pool of industries that need access to the type of real-time data that allows them to make smart decisions continues to grow. Microbilt is positioned to provide a range of industries with the products they need to flourish:

  • Short-term lending
  • Property management
  • Collection recovery
  • Wholesale and distributors
  • Retail sales rentals
  • Finance companies
  • Merchant services
  • Government and non-profit
  • Motor vehicle sales
  • Accounts and appraisals

Risk Verification Database

Risk Verify Database (RVD) is a Microbilt product that provides a real-time predictive response before a company sends a check, ACH or e-check transaction to their financial institution. Using a constantly-growing database, RVD runs every transaction through so a company knows how likely it will process.

With the ability to fully customize and refine RVD to meet the particular needs of any business, this versatile solution is ideal for nearly every company operating within a myriad of today’s industries. Modules can also bee added to RVD so companies can meet the specific requirements of federal regulators.

Instant Bank Verification

Instant Bank Verification provides businesses with a data verification and aggregation solution that is both smart and cost-effective. Powered by a web portal that’s easy to access and integrate Instant Bank Verification can be used as a fully-documented API or added to a business’s existing website. Easily engage with customers via SMS, URL or email.

Using comprehensive transactional data, Instant Bank Verification enables businesses to look back and verify a range of information. This allows them to make smart decisions. Verify a business’s EIN, check outstanding loan information, learn about other financial obligations an applicant has and more.

Using a tied pricing structure allows businesses to choose the level of transactional support that’s needed. The more the transactional data is used, the better the value will be for the company. Fraud protection and compliance with the latest standards released by the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Consumer Federal Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other applicable agencies ensures that a company is always compliant and protected.

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