As the original end-to-end chargeback management platform, Chargebacks911 was the first global brand fully dedicated to helping merchants mitigate chargeback risk and dispute chargeback fraud.

Chargebacks911’s focus is on supporting merchants in their fight against fraud and chargebacks. The company leverages their experience and proven technology to create tools that optimize every touchpoint in the dispute chain, all backed by the industry’s only performance-based ROI guarantee.

They deliver innovation and quality through the cultivation of select high-level partnerships with best-in-class performers like PayKings. The results speak for themselves, and show why Chargebacks911 offers the only performance-based ROI guarantee in the industry.

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End-to-End Chargeback Management

Chargebacks911 is a full-service chargeback management company that helps merchants with all things chargeback related. The company’s core business includes revenue recovery through representment, long-term chargeback mitigation, and fraud alerts.

Unlike other providers, Chargebacks911 views the entire chargeback dispute process as a whole, attacking the problem from both ends. This exclusive end-to-end coverage starts before the transaction and tracks cases all the way through representment. Their strategy is to prevent as many chargebacks as possible before the fact, and aggressively dispute every unwarranted chargeback filed by cardholders.

The Power of Partnership

As a proud partner of PayKings, Chargebacks911 offers clear benefits to help clients maximize revenue. Their comprehensive package of chargeback services includes:

  • Tactical Representments: The only effective way to combat friendly fraud is through chargeback representment. This not only provides immediate revenue recovery; if done consistently, it can also create a ripple effect that helps reduce future chargebacks. Chargebacks911’s optimized revenue-recovery strategy wins more cases, guaranteed.
  • Chargeback Alerts:  Merchants can stop criminal fraud chargebacks from happening with the most comprehensive chargeback alert and dispute reduction toolset available. Chargebacks filed with any institution in Chargebacks911’s comprehensive network can be paused, giving merchants the opportunity to avoid the chargeback through cancellation or refund.
  • Certified Card-Brand Integrations: The Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) program helps merchants block certain invalid complaints at the pre-chargeback stage. By directly integrating VMPI capability into their platform, the company exponentially expands the reach and effectiveness of both. Chargebacks911 is also certified with Mastercard for its dispute resolution program, and offers pre-chargeback resolution solutions through Discover and American Express.
  • Intelligent Source Detection®: Identifying the true source of chargebacks is crucial to effective mitigation. Chargebacks911’s proprietary blend of patent-pending technologies and expert human analysis uncovers the real reason for each chargeback.
  • Affiliate Fraud Shield: Affiliate marketing campaigns only succeed if merchants can identify campaign threats before they become liabilities. Chargebacks911 offers tools to detect intentional fraud and identify potential fraud-committing affiliates.
  • Merchant Compliance Review: As many as half of all chargebacks filed are the result of missteps on the merchant’s part. The exclusive Chargebacks911 Merchant Compliance Review identifies actionable steps to reduce chargebacks and increase win rates.

A Solution for Everyone

Needs and circumstances differ between verticals, between companies, and even between departments. The Chargebacks911 platform was designed to be an effective solution for as wide a range of businesses as possible. Additionally, chargeback prevention allows you to improve your standing with your payment processor.

The platform is agnostic, fully integrating with multiple hardware and software brands, types, and configurations. It was engineered to be customizable to virtually any situation, intentionally scalable to meet future growth, and flexible enough to adapt to an ever-developing technological landscape.

The platform is independent. As a privately-held company, Chargebacks911 is one of the last remaining neutral providers in regards to banks, card networks, and other third parties.

Finally, Chargebacks911’s services are backed by a 100% performance-based ROI guarantee. The company assures all merchants a net return on their investment; if they don’t recover revenue…they don’t pay.

Better Service. Better Results. Guaranteed.

The people behind Chargebacks911 didn’t set out to change the game in how we understand and manage fraud. The company’s founders started out as eCommerce merchants who experienced the devastating impact of chargebacks and friendly fraud firsthand. There was no comprehensive, end-to-end chargeback solution anywhere on the market…so they created one.

Chargebacks911 began as a small, private consultancy in 2009. The company grew from these simple beginnings into an industry leader and respected global brand. With offices on three continents, Chargebacks911 teams manage over 225 million transactions in 96 currencies each month. The company’s patented technology boasts 1,038 industry integrations (a 34% YoY growth rate, significantly higher than other solutions) and provides dynamic, customized services to clients in 31 different industries.

The success of Chargebacks911 is built on hard-won experience and the willingness to look beyond conventional tactics. They continue to distinguish themselves by providing an industry-defining approach to chargeback mitigation, and driving innovation by identifying new, potential threats and developing solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

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