Chargeback was born in 2011 and for many years, their solution has focused on serving merchants with a high number of chargebacks. At the end of 2015, they set out to build software and tools that would help all those with high risk merchant accounts, large and small, prevent and manage chargeback fraud.

These new tools help businesses monitor, respond, and receive critical alerts. Chargeback offers free monitoring and reporting for all merchants, and provides immediate value to any and all ecommerce stores. Their services are especially useful for those with high risk merchant accounts, who are generally more prone to a higher rate of chargebacks.

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A revolution was underway and it was driven by businesses with high risk merchant accounts. Chargeback clients wanted software and tools that would visualize their situation and help them make informed decisions. They wanted their entire commerce stack integrated with automation, business rules, workflows and a dashboard that captured it all in one place. In partnership with PayKings, getting approved for a high risk merchant account in addition to maintaining a low ratio of chargebacks is entirely possible.

Chargeback processes differentiate them, but it’s where the main focus lies to set them apart— our focus being on customer satisfaction and solving problems that customers face. The company goal is to help high risk merchants, whether that means they use our software and services or we provide them with the information they need to know to make them more aware and educated about chargebacks for the health of their high risk merchant account.

When it comes to providing a full spectrum of services, PayKings can provide you with a high risk merchant account for your payment processing needs in partnership with Chargeback – this company collaboration will cover all the bases that a business owner in an industry that requires a high risk merchant account and Chargeback’s protection will need – in a joint effort to both process payments online at the lowest possible rates for high risk merchants while keeping your chargeback ratio low for the longevity and financial success of your high risk merchant account.

Chargebacks were originally set in place to protect the consumer. So when it comes to chargeback claims for business owners with high risk merchant accounts, the merchant is always considered guilty until proven innocent. Therefore, the ability to analyze transaction data and respond to chargeback dispute claims quickly is imperative to increasing your chargeback win rate and for not having your provider drop your high risk merchant account all together.

Stay protected from fraudulent chargeback claims and maintain your ability to process online payments with a high risk merchant account at PayKings.

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