After years of building custom eCommerce solutions for medium to large businesses, 3dcart founder, Gonzalo Gil, thought he could compile many of the most requested eCommerce features into a simple and affordable shopping cart. Little did he know he would effectively balance the once price-prohibiting and highly customized eCommerce solutions of the late nineties and make them available to a wider range of businesses.

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Today, 3dcart has evolved into a robust eCommerce platform with thousands of merchants all over the world and an enduring drive for innovation and value.

When it comes to providing a full spectrum of services, PayKings can provide you with a high risk merchant account for your payment processing needs in partnership with 3dcart – this company collaboration will cover all the bases that a business owner in an industry that requires a high risk merchant account and 3dcart’s services will need – in a joint effort to both process credit card payments at the lowest possible rates for high risk merchants while providing you with solutions for the longevity and financial success of your high risk merchant account.

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