After years of building custom eCommerce solutions for medium to large businesses, 3dcart founder Gonzalo Gil, decided that he could compile many of the most requested eCommerce features into a simple and affordable shopping cart. Little did he know that he would effectively balance the once price-prohibiting and highly customized eCommerce solutions of the late nineties and make them available to a wider range of businesses. Today, 3dcart has evolved into a robust eCommerce platform with thousands of merchants all over the world and an enduring drive for innovation and value.

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What is the 3dcart eCommerce Platform?

With an eCommerce platform, you can build and manage your online store all within the same optimized solution. 3dcart’s powerful and secure eCommerce software is a web-based application referred to as SaaS, or software-as-a-service. There’s no need to install any programs or work with difficult code to build your eCommerce website with 3dcart. Designed to provide online merchants with everything they may need to sell more online in a secure and convenient way, 3dcart’s platform has been streamlined and packed with every eCommerce essential.

All within 3dcart’s platform, you can market your business, manage inventory and orders, optimize for search engines, design your website, customize promotions, choose from over 200 supported payment methods, and sell on social channels and mobile devices.

3dcart is a scalable eCommerce solution that grows with your business, supporting any sized venture from small startups to large enterprise eCommerce sites. With unlimited traffic and sales, and without hidden fees, there’s no restrictions to what you can do with 3dcart’s software.

3dcart Features – All-In-One eCommerce Solution

One of 3dcart’s most notable aspects is how feature-rich the platform really is. At no extra cost, your online store will be decked out with all of the most essential and advanced eCommerce tools and features designed for success in every way.

With a built-in website builder and theme editor, you can achieve the ideal custom look for your eCommerce website. Choose from an expansive list of modern, responsive and easily customizable website themes that are already designed for conversion optimization. Beyond the aesthetic, online stores come default with shopping cart software and checkout process that helps customers through every step of the buyer’s journey.

In the backend, order and product management is easy to manage and advanced enough for any online store. Right from your 3dcart dashboard, you’ll be able to print shipping labels, process returns, add advanced product variants, customize cross-sells and upsells, fully track all inventory changes and much more.

Security won’t be a concern with your 3dcart online store. All sites are fully secured with sitewide HTTPS, PCI certification, two-factor authentication and the best anti-fraud tools available. Not to mention, 3dcart sites have a guaranteed 99.94% uptime, so your site can stay up and open for business.

How Can 3dcart Benefit High-Risk Merchants?

It’s not abnormal for high-risk merchants to have a difficult, seemingly impossible, time with finding an eCommerce platform that will support their business. Many platforms may turn high-risk merchants away entirely, shut down your online store without notice, or simply not have any payment gateways available that support your industry. Thankfully, 3dcart allows merchants to sell any legal products that they want, no questions asked.

Unlike many eCommerce solutions, 3dcart doesn’t prevent high-risk merchants from building online stores on the platform. Whether you’re in the business of selling vapes, tobacco, adult novelties, firearm accessories, supplements, CBD or any other high-risk industry, you won’t be turned away from 3dcart.

3dcart partners with a variety of payment gateways that provide merchant accounts and credit card processing for high-risk merchants, including PayKings. With the PayKings partnership, your online store will be fully integrated with a high-risk merchant account that allows you to accept more payments.

Age verification and location restriction are especially vital to online stores that sell products legally restricted by age or region. 3dcart natively supports location restriction and integration with a variety of age verification programs that ensure your customers are who they say they are and that they reside in areas that don’t prohibit your business.

3dcart 24/7/365 Support

A good eCommerce platform doesn’t just provide merchants with everything they need to run their business; they also need to provide reliable customer service and technical support to help in the case of a question or an issue.  In eCommerce, business never stops; that’s why 3dcart’s US-based technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year (including holidays).

3dcart’s support team is readily available across multiple channels, including phone, live chat, email and tickets. If you want self-service support, there’s also a comprehensive knowledgebase, several training videos, an eCommerce University and much more.

3dcart Proudly Partners with PayKings

PayKings is a proud partner of 3dcart. If you’re a high-risk merchant with an online store looking for a payment gateway that will support your business, PayKings seamlessly integrates with the 3dcart platform to offer you that support.

When it comes to providing a full spectrum of services, PayKings can provide you with a high-risk merchant account for your payment processing needs in partnership with 3dcart – this company collaboration will cover all the bases that a business owner in an industry that requires a high-risk merchant account and 3dcart’s services will need – in a joint effort to both process credit card payments at the lowest possible rates for high-risk merchants while providing you with solutions for the longevity and financial success of your high-risk merchant account.


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