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The PayKings team has merchant accounts for businesses with processing volumes of $20,000-$100,000,000+ per month. Our gateway services give you access to information regarding your merchant account including individual transactions and batch totals with comprehensive reporting tools.Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp’s end-to-end solutions offer flexible products and services that enable merchants to accept nearly all types of electronic payments including major credit cards: MasterCard®, VISA®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club International®, signature debit cards Gift and loyalty cards, and ACH.Whether you’re looking to switch payment processors or need a new merchant account to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment, PayKings has the best possible solution for your business – from those with simple to complex needs.As a payment processor provider, we offer fast and easy payment acceptance solutions, coupled with exceptional customer service, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why is it Important to Have the “Right” Payment Processor for your Merchant Account?

Our team of experts is here to help businesses achieve their specific goals by meeting their needs through simple, secure, cost-effective payment processing services. From smaller businesses and start-ups with a need for secure eCommerce payment processing methods to large-scale B2B merchants requiring more specific and unique services – PayKings customize safe, easy solutions with competitive rates.The main reason to make sure you have the right merchant account for your business is to build a lasting relationship with your payment processor provider, set your business up for longevity and success by doing things right the first time and avoid the chances of your merchant account being shut down.Many times the approval process can be quick and many companies like PayKings provide free quotes.

How PayKings Can Help You Get Approved for a Merchant Account

Merchants can improve their chances of getting approved by highlighting the best features of their business. A cover letter should include relevant information, such as the industry insight of people involved in the project.Merchants should also discuss anything that makes the business stand out, such as proactive fraud monitoring. Address high trading volumes in a cover letter. Trading volumes impact the risk to the processing company. Showing a strong processing history with a great deal of money moving through the business can increase your chances of approval. Finally, merchant accounts should have a plan to address long fulfillment duration.Fulfillment duration refers to the amount of time it takes between when payment is collected and when the service or product is delivered. The longer the fulfillment duration, the higher the risk of chargebacks, and thus the riskier the business. Reducing the fulfillment duration or showing strong reserves makes the merchant a lower risk.

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