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Payment Gateway and Merchant Account Solutions

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When it comes to the best merchant account and mobile merchant account solutions, PayKings offers a proven platform, a reliable payment gateway, service excellence, a quick and painless application process, and the lowest possible rates in the industry. What is a merchant account? A merchant account is basically a credit card account for your business. You need a merchant account for both  Accepting credit card payments without a merchant account is impossible. Before you launch, make sure you have the best merchant account solutions for your retail or eCommerce business.So many merchants end up paying excessive fees to their current payment processing provider because they don’t do enough research beforehand on who might offer the most ideal merchant accounts for your specific business model – or, what’s worse, they end up getting dropped from aggregate payment processing companies like PayPal or Stripe and don’t know how to get started with a new company.

For those merchants that need a payment processing provider that is experienced, knowledgeable, and experts in providing merchant account solutions that are custom tailored for your eCommerce business or the like – PayKings is the answer to all your payment processing needs.Our highly skilled team has merchant accounts for businesses with processing volumes of $20,000-$100,000,000+ per month. Our gateway services give you access to information regarding your merchant account solutions including individual transactions and batch totals with comprehensive reporting tools. Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp’s end-to-end solutions offer flexible products and services that enable merchants to accept nearly all types of electronic payments including major credit cards MasterCard®, VISA®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club International®, signature debit cards Gift and loyalty cards, and ACH.

What Type of Businesses Need Credit Card Account Solutions?

The short answer – ALL businesses that are selling something, whether it be goods or services, need merchant account solutions. Simply put, providing merchant account solutions to your business means providing payment processing options so that you’re then able to accept debit and credit cards transactions.Accepting debit and credit cards is not just exclusive for brick and mortar business, but is especially booming for those “card-not-present” transactions that are taking the internet by storm. The eCommerce industry is growing faster than ever before, and with so many consumers turning to the internet for their buying needs, the most important element for running a successful business is the ability to accept debit and credit cards as a primary form of payment.

Whether you’re looking to switch payment processors or need new merchant account solutions to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of payment, PayKings has the best possible merchant account solutions for your business – from those with simple to complex needs. As payment processor providers, we offer fast and easy payment acceptance solutions, coupled with exceptional customer service, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why it’s Important to Have the Best Merchant Account Solutions

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To find the right payment processor for your specific business means discovering the one that fits your needs and provides merchant account solutions that are unique to your industry and payment processing demands. Choosing the most reliable company for merchant account solutions means seeking out a reputable and experienced payment processor, like PayKings, for choosing the right partner from the start is critical to your business’s longevity and long-term success.There are many options for merchant account and mobile merchant account solutions out there, however, they aren’t all equal, for example, work with a company that handles PCI compliance without cancellation fees and costly term commitments. A high-quality processor, like PayKings, will not boost your markup rate afterward.

Consider too that your capability to accept card-not-present (CNP) payments and other electronic transactions is essential for your company’s financial success. It is also vital to start looking for a payment processor that will truly be your partner and provide you with ideal merchant account solutions, support, and advice – in addition to the infrastructure for growth.

Need Mobile Payment Processing Solutions?

At PayKings, we specialize in getting online retail and eCommerce business the best high risk mobile merchant solutions possible. Need a high risk mobile merchant account? PayKings can offer you eCommerce payment processing solutions you will not get from any other payment processor.

merchant accounts for credit card processing

Along with your own dedicated mobile merchant account, PayKings can provide you with a high risk payment gateway that integrates with almost any eCommerce platform and shopping cart. Need to accept credit card payments through your mobile device? PayKings has mobile swipe terminals that integrate 100% with your mobile merchant account.Our team of experts is here to help businesses achieve their specific goals by meeting their needs through simple, secure, cost-effective payment processing services. From smaller businesses and start-ups with a need for secure eCommerce payment processing methods to large-scale B2B merchants requiring more specific and unique services – PayKings customize safe, easy solutions with competitive rates.The main reason to make sure you have the right merchant account and mobile merchant account for your business is to build a lasting relationship with your payment processor provider, set your business up for longevity and success by doing things right the first time and avoid the chances of your merchant accounts being shut down. Many times the approval process can be quick and many companies like PayKings provide free quotes.

How PayKings Can Help Provide Credit Card Account Solutions and Get You Approved for Payment Processing

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Merchants can improve their chances of getting approved by highlighting the best features of their business. A cover letter should include relevant information, such as the industry insight of people involved in the project.Merchants should also discuss anything that makes the business stand out, such as proactive fraud monitoring. Address high trading volumes in a cover letter. Trading volumes impact the risk to the processing company. Showing a strong processing history with a great deal of money moving through the business can increase your chances of approval.Finally, merchant accounts should have a plan to address long fulfillment duration. Fulfillment duration refers to the amount of time it takes between when payment is collected and when the service or product is delivered. The longer the fulfillment duration, the higher the risk of chargebacks, and thus the riskier the business. Reducing the fulfillment duration or showing strong reserves makes the merchant a lower risk.

Merchant Services for Reliable Credit Card Processing

Figuring out the best merchant services for reliable credit card processing online, all while running your business and sussing out which credit card processing companies are the right fit for your business needs can be overwhelming to say the least. Merchant services are vital for eCommerce credit card processing success and selling your merchandise or services online. Simply put, if you are not set up for credit card processing online, then you really don’t have a chance of making it in your industry.

merchant accounts for ecommerce business

When doing research on credit card processing companies and the choices you have for merchant services, payment gateways and merchant accounts, knowing the right things to look for and the important questions to ask can help to determine the right merchant services companies from the bad ones.Additionally, learning all you need to learn about credit card processing, take into account which merchant services are right for your company, all while remembering that there is no right or wrong answer – just which merchant services works best for your business’s unique set of circumstances.

Doing some comparison shopping before choosing a credit card processing company and look into which options are needed when considering merchant services. In order to fully know which credit card processing company, merchant services, and payment gateway might be best for you, these 3 questions are a quick way to rule out the bad options:

  • Which merchant services include the lowest rates and fees for credit card processing
  • When it comes to fraud activity, which credit card processing companies can help prevent the issue
  • Do your merchant services include tips on handling disputes and reducing credit card processing chargebacks

If your company isn’t set up for credit card processing as a form of payment, then you are missing out on a huge slice of the revenue pie, and allowing for your competition to gobble up your portion. If your business is considered high risk, your merchant services options for credit card processing become more limited and you’ll need to apply for a high risk merchant account. Applying for merchant services, whether your low risk or high risk is easy to do, once you narrow down a reliable and knowledgeable credit card processing company – that said, you can get started with a quick and free quote with PayKings by clicking here and be set up with merchant services in a snap!

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Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the unique needs of your business and has established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting companies accepting online payments.

Why PayKings?

PayKings understands the unique needs of your business and has established 24+ acquiring banking relationships to become experts in getting companies accepting online payments.

Shopping for a Merchant Account?

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