How Payment Gateway Integrations Work

May 20, 2023 | High Risk Merchant Account | Dustin

How Gateway Integrations Work

Making a purchase online is no longer an innovative thing. It is now natural for most consumers, but none of that might have been possible without payment gateway integration which makes it works. How does it function?

Each eCommerce website which enables users to make purchases has a payment gateway. This instantly brings to mind companies like PayPal, but that is merely a payment gateway service provider. There are multiple online payment providers, such as Apple Pay, WePay, Stripe, and Square to name a few.

In general, all payment gateway integrations can be classified in four different ways:

  • Simple checkout method
  • Post method
  • Server integration procedure
  • Advanced integration procedure

The simple checkout technique is an external support and the user is directed to some other site, such as PayPal, to create the transaction.

This is the simplest way of integrating payment gateways into a website, but it will imply the customer has to leave the website, which might be considered a hassle, particularly if there are connection issues. This can lead to lots of dropouts.

Direct post method retains the trade on your site but sends the customer information into the secure gateway and the trade is handled there. Client data isn’t handled on your site, much like the payment gateway is handled through PayKings. This allows branding to be kept and clients to stay on your site.

Server integration method, also known as SIM, provides the choice of managing transactions on your website, however a payment gateway service provider actually processes it. Each of the forms are on a single website, which aids branding, and clients are not aware that someone is managing the transaction. But this implies that security will require a boost since it manages customer data. You would also need to be PCI compliant or have an SSL certificate.

Advanced Integration Method (AIM) is like but you have complete control over transactions. Additionally, links to the payment gateway only need to be made once. SSL certificates are needed.

Advanced Integration Method (AIM)

Payment gateway integration is a tricky issue. It completely depends on the character of the website, and of the client, to which kind of integration to utilize. However, there are surely plenty of options, but when your business occupies a high risk vertical, getting approval for a high risk merchant account from the popular payment gateway service providers and payment processors can be difficult.

If you’ve experienced issues with your business’ payment gateway integration or getting approved for a merchant account, PayKings can help. Apply for a free quote or call us at (727) 300-0277.

May 20, 2023 | High Risk Merchant Account | Dustin