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May 19, 2023

Free Payment Terminals

A free payment terminal may seem like a difficult item to request, but if you find the right payment processor, they’ll provide one at no cost. Payment processors charge a fee per transaction and as an overall percent of every purchase, so requesting a free payment terminal is your way of evening the field.

Some terminals like Clover or Toast cost up to $467 for the complete setup. This includes a card reader, printer, the pos software and a monitor. These costs add up for merchants who want to run a small operation and keep costs down. Your best bet is to find a free reader that automatically comes equipped with payment technology.

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Free Credit Card Reader for Phones

Free Credit Card Reader for PhonesSimilarly, if you’re a small vendor or need a way to accept payments on the road, you can look for a free credit card reader for phones. This will give you the freedom to take payments at food trucks, farmers markets, or events where it may be difficult to carry large monitors and equipment.

Because credit card readers for your phone are small and simple, you should be able to shop for ones that have minimum costs. These hook into your phone’s charging port or headphone jack and communicate payment information to the app. Most people find these convenient and easy to use because of the size and simplicity. 

Best Payment Terminal For Restaurants

Restaurant terminals are another competitive industry in payment processing. Having the right POS software system means waiters and bartenders save time entering in orders and producing checks. Software that anticipates users’ needs and streamlines a restaurant operation can save thousands of dollars in down-time costs.

Moreover, the service industry is dedicated to providing punctual and rapid responses to customer issues and orders so it’s critical to have a system that works for you. Below are some important features of the best payment terminals we’ve seen at restaurants:

  • Touchscreen Interface

    Needless to say, nearly all of the service industry is pivoting to a digital order system. An easy-to-use touchscreen interface speeds up order entering and allows fast updating views to be adjusted by hand. Typing is outdated, speed is all at the tips of your fingers.

  • Intuitive LayoutBest Payment Terminal For Restaurants

    The POS should have a customizable layout where you can plug and play. With large parties, busy nights, or major events, tables move and new reservations change. Be sure you can change the internal layout of the program to keep servers and hostesses all on the same page.

  • Simple Order Entry

    Servers have the responsibility of entering critical orders into the computer which should communicate with the kitchen. Tracking these orders and having them relayed immediately to the chefs preparing the meals is an essential component of restaurant terminals.

  • Fast Payment

    Every person sitting at a table who hasn’t paid represents another table who could be sitting. If your customers are waiting around for a check while others are at the door looking for a seat, your restaurant is losing money. Payments with your restaurant terminal should be fast and easy.

May 19, 2023 | Merchants | Dustin