Chargeback Management and Prevention Guides

Chargebacks: There's More Below the Surface.

  • How do chargebacks impact a business?
  • How do payment processors typically respond to chargebacks?
  • How can you mitigate and prevent chargebacks altogether?

Learn the answers to these questions and more with our 4 Free Guides to managing and preventing chargebacks.


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Why Your Company Has So Many Chargebacks

Chargebacks could not only cause you huge financial losses but could also negatively affect your company’s reputation with credit card processors. When selling products or services online (eCommerce), always be wary of chargebacks, and take the appropriate steps to avoid them at all costs.

Operating your own business can be very profitable, but it can also mean taking steps to… (Fill out the form to continue reading)

Ways To Utilize eContracts To Dramatically Lower Chargebacks

As it would be called by a millennial, a digital contract, or commonly referred to as an eContract, is a contract that a retailer sends to a buyer electronically, similar to those sent out using DocuSign; and you definitely should not miss out on the benefits of this service. Requiring that a buyer sign an eContract prior to releasing a product or offering a service can help clarify the service or product, boost your merchant chargeback security, specify your terms of repayment, and safeguard you from legal issues… (Fill out the form to continue reading)

What Is A Credit Card Chargeback And How Can I Avoid Them?

There are many reasons a consumer may file a return item chargeback. There are over 50 chargeback reason codes between all the major card brands, and while the list is too long to cover them all here, we wanted to address the most commonly abused reasons for a credit card chargeback dispute and how to fight chargebacks… (Fill out the form to continue reading)

How High Risk Merchants Can Prevent Credit Card Chargebacks

Are you looking for strategies to prevent credit card chargebacks? In this article, you’ll learn a few helpful steps that could help you fight chargebacks. And if you don’t already know, you’ll need to understand how to get approved for a high risk merchant account quickly and easily… (Fill out the form to continue reading)

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